Consciously Unlearning Messages I Unconsciously Learned That Hindered Me

Mitzy Sky (formerly Corrine A. Taylor)



Mitzy shares her journey through writing, spoken word, and videography. She's consciously unlearning messages that prevented her from living wholeheartedly. She believes in respecting another person's worldview and know there is power in knowing more than one story. Her living, working in different environments, and life lessons make her voice one of the transformational stories added to the narrative of overcoming adversities.

Her motivation is to inspire others who experienced all levels of adversities to take back autonomy, dignity and confidence. She knows for sure the incredible effect of support, empathy, compassion, practicing forgiveness, awareness, continued learning, speaking up, and letting go to move forward, to know oneself, connection to others, and being in the world with more presence and less chasing pretty.




Short Films/Video


Yale University - Social Justice and Health Equity Curriculum: Community Organizing and Advocacy Class

Presentation on Compassionate Activism and Beyond the Story for the 2nd Year Psychiatry Residents with Asti Jackson, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Billy Bromage, Community Organizer, Yale/CMHC, Dr. Chyrell Bellamy and Dr. Flavia De Souza

New Haven, CT April 9, 2019

Karuna 2018 Conference by Advocacy Unlimited, Inc.

Presentation on Compassionate Activism with Greg Benson and Latosha Taylor

Rocky Hill, CT April 28, 2018

Alternatives 2017 Conference

Presentation - Healing within Social Action: Diversity, Inclusion, and Intersectionality Atty. Tina Minkowitz, and Yvonne Smith

Boston, MA August 20, 2017

NERSC, Inc 2016 Conference

Presentation CT-Hearing Voices Network by Selina Grover-Welborn and Jenna Rai Miller

Hartford, CT May 6, 2016

The Connection's Agency 2015 Conference, at Wesleyan University

Presentation on the 5 R's with Claire Bien and Daryl Mcgraw

Middletown, CT October 29, 2015 


The Vagina Monologues - The Westport Library (Performer) with Director Kerri Gawreluk (Created by V (formerly Eve Ensler)

Westport, CT February 21, 2020

We Rise Storytelling Collective/The Fall - The Westport Library (Performer) with creator Will Diaz and Kerri Gawreluk

Westport, CT October 30, 2019

The Westport Library's Saugatuck Storyfest (Creators Alex Giannini and Cody Diagle-Orians) (Author/Contributor/Performer)

Westport, CT September 27, 2019

In This Moment Karuna 2019 Conference (Writer/Performer/Video creator) 

Rocky Hill, CT April 13, 2019

My Ode to The Trees Karuna 2019 Conference (Writer/Performer/Video creator) 

Rocky Hill, CT April 13, 2019

The Curve (Written 1998. Adapted 2008 by Original Works Inc/ Creative Youth Art Work with Donna Sue DeGuzman and Luther Blackwell, Jr.  (Writer/Actor - Teacher's voice) Bridgeport, CT 2008

Not So Sweet Sixteen – Original Works, Inc./ Creative Youth Art Work with Donna Sue DeGuzman and Luther Blackwell, Jr.(Actor - Mother)

Bridgeport, CT 2007

Colors of The Heart - An Original Play at Housatonic Community College - First Theater Program (Songwriter - I Don't Wanna Cry No More - Contributor/Writer/Actor) with Instructor and Director Donna Sue DeGuzman

Bridgeport, CT May 1998