Consciously Unlearning Messages I Unconsciously Learned That Hindered Me

Consciously Unlearning Messages I Unconsciously Learned That Hindered Me

Writer      Spoken Word  Artist     Video Creator     Blogger     Author


Writer      Spoken Word  Artist     Video Creator     Blogger     Author


Mitzy Sky shares her journey through writing, spoken-word-storytelling, and videography. She’s consciously unlearning messages that she unconsciously learned that hindered her from  from having her best human experience to living wholeheartedly.

Beyond The Story at Yale Divinity School 2/24/2020

Getting to know myself, not words or stories that people provide to me, but learning and relearning for myself. These life lessons validates my spirit from what I experience. It is a continuous journey. I am not unique; we are all able to get to know ourselves well. There are myriads of ways to get that done. I am sharing my story because many other people shared their stories with me, and we keep on moving forward doing this life thing together. Still, we are more than what happened to us!

Part 2 Facing Internalized Oppression (Gossiping & Thoughts)

Gossiping to me comes more from shame and fear that caused me not to speak up which is part of internalizing the oppression.

Part 1 Facing Internalized Oppression (Full Length)

Looking within. Learning about myself. What hindered me from staying in the present moment? Answering the tough questions.

Facing Internalized Oppression (Full video Coming Soon)

Looking within. Learning about myself. What hindered me from staying in the present moment? Answering the tough questions. Facing and moving through the pain. 

Movement is Necessary


I've been constantly learning this lesson of how necessary movement is for overall health and wellbeing. I started and stopped so many times. I stayed focus even though sporadically over the years. In 2019 I feel like I found my groove with movement. I've moved into the new year with a positive attitude and energy to keep moving forward with movement.

"When you learn late pass it on to others so they could learn early, it's a step process." Russel Simmons

Driving Home From NARPA 2019 Thank You!!

The NARPA conference 2019 offered a space where people in many different roles came together to share the work that they are doing for transformation in all systems of oppression for human rights and dignity for all. 

learn more at

Part 1 - Driving Home From NARPA 2019

Support is one of the most important things that I’ve found to having confidence. One man is not an island. Sometimes people could feel alone in this world. I have found checking myself, my thoughts, to see what is happening within helps to notice the messages of disconnection learned. Looking back could cause such pain because I can't go back and change anything. Looking forward could cause such fear because I can't control what is not happening now. Staying in the present moment could also be hard when basic human needs are not met, and it becomes hard to figure out a way through difficult circumstances. However, I have come to find there is always away through, perhaps it is not the answer that I want but accepting the present moment and not fighting it helps me to have gratitude. Having support to know that I am not alone helps to let go some fears and experience the possibilities to move forward with hope and confidence


Alternative Conference 2019

The Beyond the Story workshop focus is on the power of language (how words affect thoughts, thoughts affect emotions, reactions, choices & behaviors). It is a journey of continuous learning and sharing with others what I didn’t know at twenty-three years old when I was experiencing hardship and accepted mental health services. Sharing information that could bring forth awareness is the Why behind doing the work. With knowledge I get to make inform choices for my overall best human experience. 

Getting the opportunity to present my workshop BEYOND THE STORY: Letting Go Judgment of Others and Getting to Know Thyself at the Alternatives 2019 Conference (#AltCon2019) Standing Together, Celebrating Our Gifts, Raising Our Voices hosted by the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (NCMHR) at theCatholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, DC, July 7 - 11, 2019.Thank you to everyone that made it possible because of your dedication to human rights and dignity! 

This is My Ode to The Trees/ Karuna Conference 2019

Learning it's about the Presence not about the Pretty. Learning from many teachers and getting to understand stillness and being, it could be driving in the car or laying on the grass, just staying aware of what is happening inside and around me. The best thing is getting to "know thyself."

In This Moment/ Karuna Conference 2019

In This Moment is sharing my story in spoken word. It is about moving forward, learning about myself, family history and life sometimes very difficult circumstances. Consciously unlearning the things that I unconsciously learned that defeated me from having my best human experience what that means for me.  Holding on to hope and possibilities. 

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